Intento de Fraude

En fechas recientes, personas ajenas a nuestro grupo han utilizado el nombre de GRUPO PINSA y de nuestras empresas filiales para intentar cometer FRAUDES siendo las principales modalidades:

  • Venta de flotillas de automóviles.
  • Venta de maquinaria industrial.

Hemos encontrado y denunciado páginas web con nombres falsos y anuncios en redes sociales tomando nuestra identidad para realizar dichos actos ilícitos, por lo que le informamos lo siguiente:

GRUPO PINSA y sus filiales no realiza ventas públicas de ninguna de sus unidades o de maquinaria y/o equipo industrial.

GRUPO PINSA y sus filiales aclaran que no tienen relación alguna con estos intentos de estafa o las personas que realizan este tipo de actividades.

GRUPO PINSA > y sus filiales ha emprendido ya acciones legales contra quien o quienes pretendan engañar o defraudar a terceros usando su nombre.

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  • Privacy Notice

    Offer a high level of luxury for couples and couples with children 

Under the fundamentals of Articles 15 and 16 of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Possessed by Private Persons, (THE LAW), the following privacy act is set forth:

  1. The responsible party for the protection of your personal information Estrella del Mar Golf & Beach Resort and related companies, telephone number 01 800 727 4653, address at Domicilio Conocido KM 10 Camino Isla de la Piedra S/N, Mazatlán Sinaloa 82280 Mexico, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. The purpose to use your personal information will be that or those applied in the following list:
    1. To provide products and services you requested
    2. To notify you about new services or products
    3. To communicate about changes in already contracted or acquired products or services
    4. To elaborate studies and programs necessary to determine consumption habits
    5. To elaborate recurrent evaluations of our products and services in order to improve their quality
    6. To evaluate the quality of the service provided
    7. To integrate our data base
  3. The personal information that will be subjected to treatment. For the purpose above mentioned, we require from you the following personal data:
    • Full name
    • Age
    • Sex
    • Telephone and/or mobile
    • E-mail address
    • Full Address
    • Nationality
    • RFC y/o CURP
  4. The source of the information will be:
    1. Directly.- When requested personally, and/or by email, and/or telephone, fax and/or web pages, and/ or internal formats with your personal information.
    2. Indirectly.- When the information is obtained by other sources which are permitted by law.
  5. We commit to limit the use or divulge your personal information and use it for the sole purpose described in indent II of this notice, by which, under any circumstance, we will not divulge any information in our possession to another person or company. Our database is only accessed by selected personnel who work for our company and are protected under the most strict security measures, both electronic and physical.
  6. In respect to using your rights of access, rectification, cancelation or opposition (ARCO) to the use of your personal information, as the titleholder of your personal information, you have the right to the following:
    1. Obtain your personal information which are held by the company.
    2. Have access to the privacy notice by which your personal information is subject to.
    3. Rectify your information when it is not correct or exact.
    4. Cancel the information when you consider it is not required for any purpose cited in this privacy notice, is being used for purposes without consent, or the service or contract relation has been terminated.
    5. Oppose that the company treat your personal information without having supplied it. As such, and under the terms of Article 22 of the Law, you may exercise your ARCO rights through a legal representative, by carrying out the following steps:
      1. Personally: You must come to our office and fill out the form, with no extra cost, complying with the following requirements:
        1. Name and address, or other form of getting in touch with the title holder of the personal information in question, to inform of the result of the request
        2. The documents that accredit the identity or the proof of the title holders legal representation
        3. A clear and precise description of the personal information, which is object to be accessed, rectified cancelled or opposed to its use.
      2. Email: An email shall be sent to the address which appear in indent I of this notice, from the address which has been provided and used to communicate with you, complying with the following requirements:
        1. Name of title holder
        2. The documents that accredit the identity or the proof of the title holders legal representation
        3. A clear and precise description of the personal information which is object to be accessed, rectified cancelled or opposed to its use
      3. Terms: The deadline to attend or resolve your request will be according to that indicated in Articles 28 to 35 of THE LAW.
  7. Transfer of your personal information. Even when your information will be strictly used for the purposes stated in point II of this notice, your personal information may be shared with the following companies: ESTRELLA DEL MAR HOTEL RESORT SA DE CV, ESTRELLA DEL MAR GOLF Y COUNTRY CLUB SA DE CV, EDM SERVICIOS SA DE CV, EDM TRANSPORTES SA DE CV, ESTRELLA DEL MAR BIENES RAICES SA DE CV, OPERADORA DE AGUAS ISLA DE LA PIEDRA S DE RL DE CV.This information can only be passed on to the third parties according to points strictly indicated in the Federal Law of Personal information to Third Parties, and to comply with the tax authority, as well as the exception cited in Article 37 of THE LAW. As title holder, if you do not oppose the transfer of your information as declared under the terms in the previous paragraph, we will understand that you accept such transfer, according to Article 36 of THE LAW.
  8. Modifications to this privacy notice. The company reserves the right to modify or update this privacy notice at any time, in case of any modifications of legislative reforms or internal rules. The company will give notice and will put at your disposition any modifications, alterations or changes made to the privacy notice through this web page.


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