Intento de Fraude

En fechas recientes, personas ajenas a nuestro grupo han utilizado el nombre de GRUPO PINSA y de nuestras empresas filiales para intentar cometer FRAUDES siendo las principales modalidades:

  • Venta de flotillas de automóviles.
  • Venta de maquinaria industrial.

Hemos encontrado y denunciado páginas web con nombres falsos y anuncios en redes sociales tomando nuestra identidad para realizar dichos actos ilícitos, por lo que le informamos lo siguiente:

GRUPO PINSA y sus filiales no realiza ventas públicas de ninguna de sus unidades o de maquinaria y/o equipo industrial.

GRUPO PINSA y sus filiales aclaran que no tienen relación alguna con estos intentos de estafa o las personas que realizan este tipo de actividades.

GRUPO PINSA > y sus filiales ha emprendido ya acciones legales contra quien o quienes pretendan engañar o defraudar a terceros usando su nombre.

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  • Mazatlan

    Beyond tranquility and well-being. 


In Mazatlan, which comes from the Nahuatl language and means "Earth next to the deer" or also known as "The pearl of the Pacific", it does not do less to its name and you can find all kinds of invaluable treasures. This beautiful land offers beyond what one can imagine, it is enjoyed as a family, adventure trip, holidays as a couple, etc. With its coastal area of 17 kilometers you can enjoy various water activities and, of course, you have a good tan along with the best local beer "Pacific".

The climate is tropical-semi-humid, dry rainy. It reaches 26 degrees Celsius, but nothing that can't be solved with a nail. Most of the year enjoys an excellent atmosphere to enjoy both outdoor activities and adventurous activities in the city.

Gastronomy is a feature of great importance and that does not go unnoticed in Mazatlan. It stands out for its great variety of fresh seafood. Mazatlan is not far behind in terms of places and relevant points to visit and be part of an unparalleled experience. Some of the destinations that the beautiful port has are:

Isla de la piedra

Located on the hill of Vigía, is the lighthouse of Mazatlan with an incredible view towards the immense horizon of the Pacific.

Anything else you could ask for?

Old Mazatlán

Enjoy the proximity of refreshing beaches. In this center you can enter buildings of great historical importance such as the Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, the picturesque and iconic Angel Flores street of the city The true sample of the colonial.


With a length of 21 km, you will find impressive and beautiful cliffs, unique monuments such as "Monument to the fisherman", "Monument to the mazatleca woman", "Monument to Pedro Infante" or the "Monument to the continuity of life", gazebos adorned with fountains and nature, old buildings that provide identity to the city, etc.

Marina mazatlán

Coming soon 


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