Intento de Fraude

En fechas recientes, personas ajenas a nuestro grupo han utilizado el nombre de GRUPO PINSA y de nuestras empresas filiales para intentar cometer FRAUDES siendo las principales modalidades:

  • Venta de flotillas de automóviles.
  • Venta de maquinaria industrial.

Hemos encontrado y denunciado páginas web con nombres falsos y anuncios en redes sociales tomando nuestra identidad para realizar dichos actos ilícitos, por lo que le informamos lo siguiente:

GRUPO PINSA y sus filiales no realiza ventas públicas de ninguna de sus unidades o de maquinaria y/o equipo industrial.

GRUPO PINSA y sus filiales aclaran que no tienen relación alguna con estos intentos de estafa o las personas que realizan este tipo de actividades.

GRUPO PINSA > y sus filiales ha emprendido ya acciones legales contra quien o quienes pretendan engañar o defraudar a terceros usando su nombre.

CHECK IN I  Call To: 669 915 8300

  • Cancellation and Refund Policies

General Cancellation and Refund policies 

1.1. All rates, promotions and discounts are subject to change without notice. 

1.2. All rooms are subject to availability unless the client has guaranteed their reservation. 

1.3. A maximum of 4 people is allowed in any room. 

1.4. Daily reservation must deliver agency supports to the reception department. 

1.5. All reservations must be guaranteed at the time of its completion or failing to provide a time limit to provide guarantee of it. 

Of the rates. 

1.6. There must be an annual fee authorized by: 

a) General Director of Estrella del Mar. 
b) Hotel Manager. 
c) Sales manager. 

1.7. The rates applied to each reservation must be due to temporalities and according to the demand generated. 

Of Cancellations and / or Changes. 

1.8. Any change or cancellation of a reservation must be made 72 hours before the arrival of the hotel in order not to generate a charge. 

 1.9. Any cancellation generated before 72 hours in regular season before the arrival of the guest may make their request for reimbursement in case the reservation there is fully prepaid.

1.9.1. In the season of bridges and holidays, any cancellation 3 days before your arrival applies one nigth’s charge. 

1.9.2. In Premium seasons (Easter and New Year) any cancellation is non-refundable.  

About  No Show. 

1.10. In case of not making a change or cancellation in a timely manner or not showing up at the hotel on the established date , they must be taken as a “No Show”.  

About Warranty.  

1.11. All reservations must be guaranteed by the following payment methods

a) Credit card. 
b) Electronic transfer. 
c) Bank deposit. 
d) Guarantee letter.  

1.12. The amount of the guarantee must be for the first night of each room reserved. 

1.13. In the case of deposits and / or bank transfers, it is mandatory for the guest to notify the reservation department at least 48 hours. Prior to the date of your reservation by email that includes your scanned receipt

1.14. In the case of a credit card, the reservationist must pre-verify with the issuing bank 24 hours before the guest arrives at the hotel. 

1.14.1. If it is not approved by the issuing bank, the reservation must be considered as not guaranteed and the hotel is not obliged to respect the reservation. 

1.15. In case the client does not pay the guarantee, the hotel is not obliged to respect the reservation. 

About Refunds. 

1.16. A refund will only be made in the case of errors attributable to the hotel and that would be the following cases

a) When a charge higher than the charge corresponding to the type of room that the guest has reserved has been made. 
b) When the number of nights charged to the guest exceeds the number of nights the guest has stayed. 
c) When in compliance with the hotel´s cancelation policies, the guest is creditor to receive a refund.
d) Only refunds must be made for cancellations attached to the cancellation section. 

1.17. All reimbursement must be made exclusively by means of a bank deposit or electronic transfer directly to the client´s account. NO CASH REFUNDS MUST BE MADE

Of Cases of Force Majeure 

1.18. The hotel is not responsible for any other expenses due to inconveniences caused by a tropical storm, hurricane or any force majeure event. 


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