Intento de Fraude

En fechas recientes, personas ajenas a nuestro grupo han utilizado el nombre de GRUPO PINSA y de nuestras empresas filiales para intentar cometer FRAUDES siendo las principales modalidades:

  • Venta de flotillas de automóviles.
  • Venta de maquinaria industrial.

Hemos encontrado y denunciado páginas web con nombres falsos y anuncios en redes sociales tomando nuestra identidad para realizar dichos actos ilícitos, por lo que le informamos lo siguiente:

GRUPO PINSA y sus filiales no realiza ventas públicas de ninguna de sus unidades o de maquinaria y/o equipo industrial.

GRUPO PINSA y sus filiales aclaran que no tienen relación alguna con estos intentos de estafa o las personas que realizan este tipo de actividades.

GRUPO PINSA > y sus filiales ha emprendido ya acciones legales contra quien o quienes pretendan engañar o defraudar a terceros usando su nombre.

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  • Dog Friendly

    Traveling with your best friend has never been so easy.

At Las Villas Hotel Boutique
we welcome your dogs.


1 pet per room
$380.00 MXN
Per night taxes included.

learn about our regulations and take into account the following requirements to enjoy your stay with your pet’s company:

General disposition:

  • Your pet must have a maximum weight of 24 pounds and be trained.
  • Pets are allowed, as long as they are domestic dogs. Under no circumstance, access be given to animals such as cats, reptiles, arachnids, birds, among other species in danger of extinction or prohibited by law.
  • For pets admission, they must comply with vaccination, health and safety regulations. You must have your vaccination card at hand and show it at your arrival in front desk.
  • We ask you to be a responsable pet owner and always respect the space and tranquility of other guests. Thus:

    • You should always carry plastic bags to collect your pet's feces.
    • Maintain your pet’s hygiene and of the area where it stays.
    • Ensure that your pet does not make excessive noise, especially at night.
    • Pack your pet's food, cleaning supplies, cage / carrier and other items necessary for your trip.
    • Ensure that your pet remains at all times with its collar, identification and leash.
    • Verify that your pet is always supervised by an adult.

  • Any damage or injury attributable to the pet to third parties and/or Estrella del Mar’s property will be the responsibility of the owner who will have the obligation to cover the repair expenses of the resulting damages. For this reason, you must have a credit card as guarantee and if the damage exceeds the value of the guarantee, you must cover the excess with another payment method.

Use of the rooms:

  • Pets are prohibited from sleeping on the furniture in the room. All pets must have the necessary equipment to sleep.
  • Pets cannot be inside the room if their owner is not in it.
  • It is forbidden to use the room’s equipment and glassware intended for our guests to feed your pet.
  • The room will not be accessible for cleaning if the pet owner is not present.
  • Grooming the pet in the room or using hotel linens to dry or groom the pet or its waste is prohibited.

Use of public/common areas:

  • The parking and garden areas can be used to walk the pets and for them to relieve themselves.
  • Pets are not allowed in closed doors restaurants (Delfines and Paloma), pool areas, gym and spa.
  • The use of internal transportation will be allowed as long as the pet is controllable by its owner and must be kept on its leash at all times. The welfare of the pet will be the responsibility of the guest.


Estrella del Mar reserves the right to admit pets based on the criteria of the administration and its policies. The priority is the comfort and tranquility of all our guests. It will be the administration's decision to terminate the room rental contract without reimbursement, applying impartial criteria.

$1,000 MXN deposit as collateral


Call To: 669 915 8301
Reservations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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